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About Me


Mark "Sergio" Webb is a talented Texas born Nasville based guitarist who played with Pinto Bennett and The Famous Motel Cowboys, Gail Davies and currently partners David Olney for his live gigs. He also releases solo albums "Long Green Hour" and occasional collaborative band projects like "Poet, Soldier, Wiseman, King". His upcoming album BOLIVAR BLUES to be Released Fall 2009.
- Lonesome Highway

"One of the most interesting guitar players I've ever witnessed. He's a small weird orchestra. - "Rex (Wrecks) Bell

"His range is phenomenal. He goes from beautiful classical passages to hair raising rock licks in the blink of an eye" - David Olney

"Sergio plays guitar like he invented it. He's got more tricks up his sleeve than Houdini."
- Gwil Owen

"When Sergio Webb plays, it's Saturday night AND Sunday morning. He takes a century of blues and reduces it to its essence---a single note or phrase that will echo in my head for days" - Will Kimbrough